Masters Traditional Games is a small enterprise with a low turnover. None-the-less, we are financially secure and take pride in being able to offer genuine personal customer service, something larger companies cannot match. Additionally, we are able to cut costs and react quickly by being an Internet-only company. The following are some example comments* that have been received from customers.

* Whole sentences have been lifted directly from emails received and have not been edited. All were received without solicitation.

John Radway, UK ( French Card Table with Felt Top) - December 2008

Excellent product and excellent service.

Neville Dalal, UK (Dal Negro Briar Wood Backgammon) - December 2008

Many thanks I have recieved the the new shakers. These look like the ones in the picture and they are much much better, and quieter. Thanks for the excellent service and prompt help. Will definitely recommend your services to other people.

Kostas Lourikas, Greece (Go set - 8mm glass stones) - December 2008

The order is 100% carried out and with no problems as well , the go set is really great , beyond my expectations and Im realy Happy about the whole system of yours and with the tnt tracking service . . I will suggest your services to my friends and to everyone else I know who is interested in such nice things .. Also I must add , the site is very well-asthetic and very informing about the products.

William Langstaff, UK (2 X Real Canasta Set 2 X Transparent Card shoe (holds 6 decks)) - November 2008

May I say how happy I was when I stumbled across your website, filled with some games that I thought had been discontinued many years ago. As a child growing up I spent many summer nights with my Grandparents whiling away the hours with Canasta. My Great Grandfather used to run a toy shop and from there my Grandfather procured a Canasta Set, this is some 60 years old, and had many hours of use. As you can imagine it has long since seen better days. The joy I felt when I found it is still sold was immense, I purchased two from yourself under the Delivery Note R13989-0. One for myself and one for my grandparents for Christmas, I received these this morning and joyously opened the parcel to reveal two fabulous boxes of Canasta, nearly identical to the one my Grandfather has.

Sarah Hedditch, UK (Wooden Cribbage set) - November 2008

I am in receipt of the replacement box which is perfect. Thank you for the time and effort you have put into my order, your customer service has been amazing.

John Kovats, USA (2 X Playboy Poker Chips Set (300 chips)) - November 2008

I just want to drop you good people a note telling you how happy I am with the service and communication. I still can't get over how fast my items arrived here in the U.S.( I ordered 2 of the playboy premium poker chip set) I hope to do more business again in the future.

Sheena Crawshaw, UK (Octagonal 22cm French Solitaire with boxwood balls) - October 2008

Thank you for the prompt way in which the whole process was undertaken. Should I have need of any further products I shan't hesitate to use this company.

Drew Timmins, UK (Dice Poker Set (300 Chips)) - October 2008

This email is really just to let you know that the has been the best internet service i have had in a long long time. Quick response, great service and customer very happy.

Jacko Fanshawe, UK (2 X Set 10 Stainless Steel Parlour Bagatelle balls (9/16 inch) Bagatelle cue (Oak) Bagatelle cue (Ash)) - October 2008

My orders have arrived and in excellent condition. I am very impressed with the service you give.

Andrew Davies, UK (2 X Drakes Pride Professional bowls (set of 4) (Grip:Gripped, Colour:Don't Mind, Weight:Medium, Size:3) Drakes Pride Supagrene 45 x 6 feet Short Mat Bowls Carpet Shortmat Yellow Extra Heavyweight Jack (approx. 890g)) - September 2008

Received the order thank you very much. Nice doing business with such an efficient company

Ms Davis, UK (Set of 24 Jaques Draughts in Mahogany box 18 inch Walnut & Sycamore Board, ~43mm sq. (for 3 inch King)) - September 2008

Received order today and i was very impressed by the care taken to package the game,it was beautifully wrapped and certainly ensured no damage to the contents this is the first time i have shopped with you and the level of service has been superb,i shall certainly shop with you again and i will be sure to recommend your fabulous website to my friends.

Andrew Shuttlewood, UK (Drakes Pride Bowls Trolley Bag (Colour:Green)) - August 2008

The bowling bag has been received thank you & advise that I am thrilled both with the service & quality of the product.

Keith Parkinson, UK (Townsend Croquet Set (wooden box)) - August 2008

Thank you for such excellent service. Could not have been better.

Celia Burnham, Australia (Set balls for Old English Bagatelle (1 & 1/2 inch, 1 black, 4 red, 8 white)) - July 2008

Thank you very much. You are definitely the most efficient English company that I have ever had any dealings with.

George MacNaughton, USA (3 X Chestnut and Oak sjoelbak board (incl. 32 tournament disks)) - July 2008

The boards arrived in good shape and are as handsome as I had hoped.

James Tapley UK (Giant Roll-A-Ball Traditional Nine Pin Quoits set) - June 2008

Thank you for the expedient despatch and thank you also for the impressive level of customer care your company has shown.

Anne Ffowcs-Williams, UK (9 Gloucester style pins 10 x 4.5 inch 3 black phenol resin skittle balls - 5 inch (each 1.4Kg, 3lbs)) - June 2008

Thank you very much - it was the most superb service imaginable.

Ute Beck, UK (Giant Draughts set (Deck Quoits) - June 2008

We have received the deck quoits, and played the game all weekend! It is a beautiful set of quoits.

Guy Hamou, Israel (Giant Draughts set (20 inch Walnut & Sycamore Board, ~50mm sq. (for 3½ inch King) Staunton Club Chess set in Mahogany case (49960, 3½ inch King) ) - May 2008

I'd like to add that this product is astounding in its quality and craftsmenship! please allow me to thank you and the staff at Masters Games for your support in this purchase.

Amy Baugh, UK (Giant Draughts set (24 piece without board)) - May 2008

Thank you for the excellent customer service your provided. As a regular internet shopper i was very impressed with your company, website and support.

Andrew Adey UK (Xiang Qi set (3.4cm King)) - April 2008

I have just taken delivery of one of your Chinese Chess sets, which is intended as a 50th birthday present for a good friend. It is a superb looking set, and I thought I`d let you know how happy I am with it. The pieces are nice and hefty, and the board very classy. I may buy one for myself!

David Parkinson, UK (Home Table skittles Mahogany veneer Shove Ha'penny board) - April 2008

Thank you so much for your prompt service with our order. I know we had requested a quick delivery date for a games event we were holding, but you more than delivered on time. The games event was a huge success, and the bar skittles table was fantastic. Thank you so much for the upgrade, we can't imagine how we would have managed without it! We will recommend you to everyone we know, and hope your business continues to do well.

David Hurt, UK (5 X The River Texas Hold'em Poker Table) - April 2008

I have received the missing parts I would like to thank you for your help and the professional way you have handled my order.

Lavinia Ferrante di Ruffano, UK (Go set - 8mm glass stones) - March 2008

I would just like to confirm that I received my new beloved Go Board this morning, in excellent condition! I would also like to thank you for your excellent and prompt service - shall certainly be recommending you!

Edgar Johnson USA (Heemskerk Tournament Sjoelbak Board (incl. 30 tournament disks) - March 2008

The order came in fine fashion. I have enjoyed playing it with my wife. We have family coming fom out-of-town and we will enjoy playing it with them.

Cathryn Kinnard, UK (Montecarlo 50cm Mahogany Roulette, Wheel Roulette Mat (90 x 130 cm, single 0, English style), Telescopic steel chip rake (90cm), Fabric Bag with 240 Roulette Chips) - March 2008

The roulette wheel and accessories are in perfect order, and my other half is delighted with his present.

Stephen Bedingfield, Canada (Hand Made Halma Game & Xiang Qi set (4.2cm King)) - February 2008

The Xiang Qi and the Halma games arrived safe and secure today. The packing was excellent and the delivery time was very good. I am especially impressed with the beauty and craftsmanship of the hand-made Halma board. Thank you again for your service. I will be sure to recommend your store to friends.

A M D Gray, UK (Mah Jong set in mahogany cabinet) - February 2008

We have received the box of Mah Jong and all is in good order. Thank you so much. Your customer service is superb, how I wish others were like it.

Gordon Carmichael, UK (Eclipse Card Table) - February 2008

I was impressed with the service received and will have no hesitation in using your company again.

Damian Broadbent , Netherlands (Jaques Hit-a-pin Bagatelle Home Table skittles Traditional Nine Pin Quoits set Mahogany veneer Shove Ha'penny board) - January 2008

Just a quick mail to acknowledge the excellent quality of the items that we ordered from yourselves. Very good value for money and much fun has been had trying them out.

Tore Nådland, Norway (Dal Negro Black Leather Backgammon Case) - January 2008

I`ve just recieved my board and I am very pleased with it and your custom service. If I am planning to buy more game boards dices etc. I will contact you, I`ll also tell my friends at the local backgammon Club in Stavanger about the website.

Diane Van Leeuwen, USA (2 X Set 32 tournament (concave) Schilte Sjoelbak disks) - January 2008

Thank you so much for your service. I received my order literally 2 business days after my despite the holidays. The items are perfect.

Jean McGraw, USA (Toptafel (incl. skittles, tops, rules & scorecards)) - January 2008

Thank you for the update. I was wondering what happened to that game. While visiting my son's family in Seattle over the holidays, we played Skittles and had an absolute BLAST! What a fantastic game for all ages! It guess its one drawback is that it presents a storage problem at least for people with small houses, but we spent MANY laughing-so-hard-that-the-tears-were-rolling-down-our-cheeks moments with this game, so I thank whoever thought this up what must have been years ago. MUCH more fun than watching television could EVER be!


*Whole sentences have been lifted directly from emails received and have not been edited. All were received without solicitation.
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