Masters Traditional Games is a small enterprise with a low turnover. None-the-less, we are financially secure and take pride in being able to offer genuine personal customer service, something larger companies cannot match. Additionally, we are able to cut costs and react quickly by being an Internet-only company. The following are some example comments* that have been received from customers.

* Whole sentences have been lifted directly from emails received and have not been edited. All were received without solicitation.

Niall Murphy, Ireland (Go set - 8mm glass stones) - December 2007

I wish to confirm that our order has been delivered and that we are delighted with both the product and the service we have received.

Andrew Morrison_Crane , UK (Super League Football Table (Telescopic Bars) Black Storm NHL Air Hockey Table (incl. puck/pushers)) - December 2007

I would like to also give my congratulations to you and your team for providing a first class service not only with this order but also with the two games tables I purchased from yourselves a week or so ago. It makes such a nice change to find people that actually deliver what they promise.

Aaron Greenberg, USA (Hand Made Cribbage Board) - December 2007

Yes the board has arrived and it is beautiful. Thank you for the follow up!

Robert Hazlerigg UK (Oak faced parlour bagatelle game (with balls, cue & rules)) - December 2007

May I say that we found your website very user friendly and your backup service quite excellent ;very refreshing for " silver surfers "!! as dealing with things on line can so often be difficult or even so frustrating that one just gives up ; Thank you so much and we are all looking foward to playing Bagatelle.

Sarah Brown, UK (Fundex Mexican Train Dominoes in a tin (with audible hub)) - December 2007

The hub came today and is working. Thanks a lot for all your help. Your customer service is first class.

Judith Brydon, UK (Senet) - November 2007

Thanks for the excellent service - game arrived today.

Peter Sullivany, Jersey (Jaques Hit-a-pin Bagatelle) - November 2007

Yes, my order has arrived, and I would like to sincerely thank your company for a MOST efficient service. It was extremely professional.

Kevan Manley, UK (Hand Made Cribbage Board - November 2007

I would like to say that I am very impressed with the quality of the order received and of the personal way in which you carryout your business. It was a pleasure doing business with you.

Richard Ponton, UK (Dal Negro Ebony Backgammon Set) - October 2007

I received an order from your website several weeks ago and was very impressed by the rapid service and excellent quality goods you provide. Many thanks; it is refreshing to see an online order site that actually delivers what it promises.

Wendy Potton, UK (Teak Chinese Checkers) - October 2007

We received the Chinese Chequers very quickly and it is a beautiful set. My daughter was delighted with her surprise gift.

James Mackay, USA (Bar Billiards tokens & Bar Billiards mushrooms) - October 2007

As usual, Masters Traditional Games has provided excellent service and products.

Rebecca Garrad UK (Fundex Mexican Train Dominoes in a tin (with audible hub)) - September 2007

I was very impressed how quick it arrived and the ease of ordering online.

Simon Wilson, UK (Shut the Box - Old Century Chest) - September 2007

Game arrived last week and already proving to be very popular with our customers. Will definitely use your company again.

Luke Frazer, Australia (Table Bowls - Australian set (2 inch, 4 black, 4 brown, bias 6, 1 inch diam. Jack, no wooden ramp) Hardwood chute for 2 inch table bowls Home Table skittles) - August 2007

Only a week after ordering from your website, I received my order of Jaques Home Table Skittles and Australian Table Bowls Set. The goods were received in good order and the quality of the products are excellent.

Dale Barleben, Canada (Orig. Staunton Fischer/Spassky Chess set (50040, 3 inch King) Spare Piece for Jaques 50040 Chess set (Fischer/Spassky, 3.5 inch) (Colour:White, Piece:Queen) Spare Piece for Jaques 50040 Chess set (Fischer/Spassky, 3.5 inch) (Colour:Black, Piece:Queen) Folding Book style Chess cabinet t) - August 2007

Bravo - not only for your speed but for the accuracy with which it came, and for the quality of both of the beautiful sets and the extra pieces.

Claire Sandner, UK (Longworth Croquet Set) - July 2007

All received promptly and it is a lovely set that I am look forward to using . Thank you very much for your excellent service.

Kimley Fothergill, UK (Bat and Trap set) - July 2007

We have recieved it and played it already! Is a super game and have been trying to get hold of it for sooo long! Thanks very much and for the speedy delivery!

Riley Goedkoop Netherlands (Mah Jong set (bamboo backed) in mahogany cabinet - June 2007

Yes, I received the replacement box on Saturday in perfect condition. Thanks a lot for the fantastic service! I will definitely recommend Masters Traditional Games to others!

Judith Forrest, UK (Set of 5 x 3 inch Coconut Shy Balls Set of 5 coconut shy balls (Birch, 2 inch diam) ) - June 2007

Took delivery of the balls today - thank you to your efficient company. What I hadn't anticipated was that they would be quite so beautiful! I think I'll keep them myself and just loan them to the League of Friends.........

Catherine Philbin, Portugal (Rolly Giant chess set (without board) Giant Draughts set (24 piece without board) ) - May 2007

Order received - no problems, excellent speedy delivery, would certainly recommend your company.

Gail Greig, UK (Spare pair of balls for Bat and Trap) - May 2007

Thank you so much for your prompt and excellent service. We've received the Bat and Trap balls (earlier than expected actually) and have noticed the other games you stock which we will be looking at soon.

Marco Olivares, Italy (Royal Game of Ur) - April 2007

I am very happy indeed with the game! The product's quality is very high and me and my girlfriend had already spent hours playing with it! We love our brand new Game of Ur! Thank you so much for your perfect service and assistance.

Dorisanne DeLong, USA (Toptafel (incl. skittles, tops, rules & scorecards) Stand for Toptafel Toptafel set of accessories (skittles, tops, rules & scorecards)) - April 2007

James, I have to tell you that we celebrated my Dad's 93 rd Birthday this past weekend. I was so excited to bring Skittles. We are about 30 some people in our immediate family. We all relocated from NY in the past 6 years. We had so much fun. The ages right now not counting any babies on the way are from 5 years old to 93 years old. Skittles is a games for all ages. It levels the playing field. We are a game family but rarely can my dad or the little ones participate. He is rather deaf and the little ones are simply little ones. We had a tournament throughout the day. Everyone had 3 try's and the best score of all three of your turns won the pot of over $100. I can't tell you how it made the party. I will only bring it out on special occasions. I don't want the novelty to wear off. I just wanted to say thank you. I don't know if my dad will be here for his next birthday but I will always remember the fun that he had at his 93rd.

Genny Deblander, UK (Go set - 8mm glass stones) - March 2007

Thanks very much. yes, we have received the stones. Haven't had time to try them out yet but I am sure they will be better than the last set. Thanks for your follow-up. We wish more compaines could be as effective at communicating with their customers as your. We will definetly recommend you on to others.

Jane Spence, UK (Hand made Oak Table Skittles with cord skittle return) - March 2007

Very impressed with the quality. Also the packaging was excellent. This game is to be used for a toy library and for fundraising events and I am sure will be enjoyed greatly.

David Krug, USA (Hand-built Mahogany Deluxe Games Compendium) - February 2007

I can't tell you how pleased I am by your help in this matter. Several friends have commented on how nice the board is and I've referred them to your website and told them about your excellent service. Hopefully you will see some new orders in the near future.

Steven Perkins, UK (Dal Negro Felt Backgammon Set) - February 2007

Excellent, prompt service, excellent product, good price. I'm very pleased with the transaction and would certainly recommend your firm.

Leah Bullis, Canada (Set Bar Billiards skittles (2 white, 1 black) Set Bar Billiards Balls (1 7/8 inch - 7 white, 1 red) Set 9 Bar Billiards hole lining rings) - January 2007

I received my order last week and everything was as it should be. Thank you very much for the prompt service. I will not hesitate to use your company again should the need arise.

Jo Rees, UK (Set Bar Billiards skittles (8 Bristol style 10 x 5 inch pins + Fattie Annie 3 composition (simulated wood) skittle balls - 5 inch (1.4Kg, 3lbs) Ash faced parlour bagatelle game Indoor Quoits board with 4 quoits Hand Made Nine Mens Morris Game Sailor's Dice Box Compendium Backgammon - Oak faced with inlaid points ) - January 2007

Many thanks, the last of the order arrived Thursday before Christmas. Everything very good and we are all very pleased and impressed with the service. The first 2 items arrived the day after I had placed the order! The people in our day centre are really enjoying playing with them. As soon as I can get some more money from grants (!!) I shall be ordering some more. Once again many thanks.

Gary Luttringer, USA (Set Drakes Pride Professional bowls) - January 2007

I have received my order and am very pleased with all the services you have provided. You were very prompt and sincere in answering my email questions. After the order was placed, the shipping of the order was completed quickly. The package was easily tracked using the supplied tracking number. The Dukes Pride bowls arrived in less than eight days from the date of shipping. I have had many orders take more time from shipment to delivery within the United States. The advice you added to the order about signing for the shipment was used at the time of delivery and will be used again in signing for future orders received from other vendors. And finally, the shipment was well packaged and arrived in perfect condition including the Dukes Pride cardboard container within the shipping box. I have only had my set of bowls for a few days but have recommended your company to several fellow bowlers already. It was a pleasure doing business with you.




*Whole sentences have been lifted directly from emails received and have not been edited. All were received without solicitation.
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