Masters Traditional Games is a small enterprise with a low turnover. None-the-less, we are financially secure and take pride in being able to offer genuine personal customer service, something larger companies cannot match. Additionally, we are able to cut costs and react quickly by being an Internet-only company. The following are some example comments* that have been received from customers.

* Whole sentences have been lifted directly from emails received and have not been edited. All were received without solicitation.

Nigel Slann, Belgium (Bar Billiards table) - Dec 2001

It is a really great looking table, and my wife is very happy with it. Thanks again for your service and help.

Paul Richmond, USA (Aunt Sally set) - Dec 2001

It was a pleasure doing business with you!

Robert Hyde, USA (Lewis Chess set) - Dec 2001

The pieces arrived a couple of days ago and they are absolutely first class. I am really delighted with the quality and feel of the pieces and also that there are several different designs of pieces in the set compared to the pieces that I had years ago. I will be pleased to recommend you to anyone who would appreciate such a set of their own and wish you every success with your business.

Nicola Pelosi, UK (Backgammon) - Nov 2001

I can confirm that I have received my order and I am very pleased with the service and delivery time you provided.

Jenny Shiplett, USA (Toptafel) - Nov 2001

My order was received very quickly and I'm impressed. I was thrilled when finally found it online on your site. I'm sure it will create many fun family times! Thanks for your help and great service. I'll be sure to recommend you to friends.

Bev Davis, USA (Chestnut & Oak Sjoelbak) - Sep 2001

The board was delivered to my neighbors house and I picked it up this evening and gave it to my husband. He was delighted. Thank you!

Howard Berman, USA - August 2001 (Giant Chess set)

I think that you might be hearing from some of our friends, they love them!!

Barbara Ferguson, Northern Ireland - August 2001 (Sjoelbak)

The sjoelbak was indeed delivered yesterday, and we were most impressed by the way it was packaged. The quality of the board is also very satisfying. It has been a pleasure doing business with you, and we look forward to placing more orders sometime in the future. Thank you for your attention to detail.

Ray Douglas, USA - August 2001 (Staunton Pattern Boxwood set & Walnut & Sycamore Board)

Thank you very much. I love the pieces and the board. The quality is excellent.

Peter Ryding, UK - July 2001 (Giant Chess set)

Thank you very much - I do appreciate it - and incidentally I have already recommended your site to three other people !

Arthur de Haan, USA - May 2001 (Sjoelbak)

I received the sjoelbak last week. It's beautiful and I am very happy with it, including the service and follow up I received from you.

Devon Kurtz, USA - May 2001 (Steel Quoits)

I received the Quoits set. It is wonderful. I will be ordering an additional set in a week. Our research historians were very impressed and we can't wait to set it up and play.

Val Coombe, UK - May 2001 (Games Compendium)

Our compendium arrived last week and we are delighted with it! If I hear of anyone else looking for a compendium (and my word, they are difficult to come by in this area!) I will certainly pass on your name.

Helen Williams, UK - April 2001 (Staunton Pattern Boxwood chess set with Walnut and Sycamore board)

The set arrived in plenty of time and was much appreciated! It is a beautiful set and has already given many hours of pleasure and competition!

Aaron Koderick, USA - March 2001 (Skittles game - Devil Amongst the Tinkers)

I recieved the Skittles Game yesterday and I Love It! I really appreciate all you help with this. The game is better than I remember, my wife and mother love it.

Saul Bermudez, Venezuela - March 2001 (Sjoelbak)

I have it at home. Beautiful and my wife love it. thank you very much

Brian Lattimer, UK - February 2001 (Lewis chess set)

The set has arrived and we are very impressed with the quality.

Timothy Zee, Hong Kong - February 2001 (4" Millenium Chess set, chess clock and board)

I just wanted to let you know that I received my chess set, board and chess clock. The set certainly lives up to its reputation as being the best. I am absolutely delighted with my purchase and appreciate all your help.

Simon Vickers, UK - February 2001 (Pub Table Skittles and Mahogany Shove Ha'penny)

I can now confirm receipt of the Shove Ha'penny and Table Skittles, both in fine condition. My committee colleagues and I are delighted with them, thank you.

Andy Simmonds, UK - January 2001 (Backgammon)

The game was delivered with no problems, it's just what I wanted - thanks!

Shoichi Kataoka, Japan - January 2001 (Fischer-Spassky Staunton Chess set)

I recieved a Fischer-Spassky edition Jaques chess set today. There was no problem about shipping condition and very satisfied with quality of the set. Your web shop's price of Jauqes sets(including shipping cost) is the lowest among many chess shops on the Web. I was very lucky to have find your shop.

John Hutchins, USA - January 2001 (Lewis Chessmen)

The Chess set arrived and it is fine. Thank you very much for your excellent service.

Kathy Seaton, UK - January 2001 (Bagatelle)

Just a quick belated note to say how well the Bagatelle board went down, not only with my husband who's present it was but every one else that we went away with for Christmas. Championships have been set up for the worst and best player and Sunday rematches have been requested! The board is beautifully made and packaged and friends have requested your website with a view to the skittles and I can see us adding to our collection of pub games.

atsuko yoshioka, Japan - January 2001 (Oak case Chess set with folding inlaid board)

I (and my friend) play with it almost everyday. I'm happy that i could buy something from abroad, (this was the first time for me) without any problem like this. This is because of your support and kind corperation. I really appreciate it.

Geoff Sumner, UK - January 2001 (Fischer-Spassky and 4" Millenium Edition Jaques Staunton chess sets)

I am extremely pleased with the two Jaques Chess sets. They are really first rate, and I should like to thank you for the quite exceptional and friendly service I have received from you personally while obtaining them. It isn't often one encounters such things, and if I ever decide to buy something of a similar nature in the future I will certainly do so from you.


*Whole sentences have been lifted directly from emails received and have not been edited. All were received without solicitation.
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