We have a variety of equipment for the game of Blackjack including high quality playing cards, Black Jack tables, baize / felt playing surfaces and gaming chips.

Please note that a baize playing mat has a nicer feel and will last much longer than a felt Blackjack mat.


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Dal Negro Blackjack Baize

Dal Negro Blackjack Baize table top

This Dal Negro Baize Blackjack Mat is very high quality, being made from 70% wool. A baize cloth will last much longer than a felt one.

Dal Negro Blackjack Playing Cards

2 x Dal Negro Blackjack Playing Cards (1 red back, 1 blue back)

Dal Negro High quality Blackjack Playing Cards supplied in packs of two - one 'celeste' (light-blue), one 'rosa' (light-red)

Poker Sets & Equipment Buy Poker chips, Tables & Accessories

Copag Texas Hold'em 300 Chip Poker Set

Buy excellent quality Poker Sets for the home. Also Poker Cards, Chips, Tables and Accessories

Blackjack Table Cloth

Blackjack Cloth

A good value green felt Blackjack table cloth. Ideal for fun games at home & for casino themed events and parties.

Buy Quality Poker Playing Cards - Wide Style - Poker & Blackjack

2 decks of COPAG 100% plastic poker cards (jumbo index)

Very high quality Wide Poker playing cards. Premium, hard wearing cards from KEM and COPAG for playing Poker, Blackjack and other card games.

Dal Negro Natural-Faced Card Shoe

Dal Negro Natural Faced Sabot (card shoe)

Elegant Dal Negro Natural-Faced Card Shoe (sabot). Holds 6 decks of cards (cards not included)

Blackjack Set - Mat, Card Shoe, Cards & Chips

Blackjack Set

A complete Blackjack set - ideal for home use and Casino themed parties. Includes felt mat, card shoe, 2 decks of cards & 100 plastic chips.

Roulette and Blackjack set (40cm wheel)

Roulette and Blackjack set (40cm wheel)

A roulette and blackjack set designed fro casino fun at fun. Includes 40cm plastic roulette wheel with nice spinning motion and all necessary accessories.


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